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The FMANZ Foundation aims to be the leading incubator of diverse, excellent talent in Aotearoa by identifying outstanding New Zealanders and offering grants to help them pursue a career in facilities management. This includes people who are either studying, hoping to study, or early in their career, from backgrounds currently under-represented in the FM industry. The Foundation also supports people involved with research and innovation in FM, offers awards to recognise excellence in tertiary study, and provides assistance to those in significant hardship or need.


The FMANZ Foundation offers scholarships to outstanding New Zealanders to help them pursue a career in facilities management. This includes people who are either studying, hoping to study, or early in their career, from backgrounds currently under-represented in the FM industry.

Closing Date: 22 January 2024.

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Research Grants

The Foundation invites applications from organisations and individuals who require funding to complete research that will benefit the FM industry in Aotearoa or who wish to use the funding to support a specific project that will bring innovation into the FM industry.

Currently closed for applications.

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Upon receipt, all applications will be acknowledged, outlining the timing and process for consideration of the applications. Grants will be awarded mid-year at the Gala Awards Dinner, held during FM Summit, and at the AGM, held later in the year.

Grants will generally NOT be given for the following:

  • Projects which are already complete.
  • Projects which will not benefit the New Zealand FM industry.
  • Projects of a non-specific nature.
  • Projects where the funding would be redistributed to another person or organisation.
  • Projects that conflict with the objectivess of the Foundation’s Trust Deed.

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Student Awards

Student and graduate awards recognise and encourage high academic achievement within the field of facilities management. These awards are offered to one student and one graduate each year, selected from nominations provided by New Zealand tertiary education institutions.

Currently closed for applications.

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  • To be eligible, students must be studying a course related to facilities management.
  • Students can be full-time or part-time, and need to be a permanent resident or citizen of New Zealand.
  • Previous recipients are not disqualified from receiving an award in subsequent years, although consideration may be given to the benefits of making awards to a range of different students.
  • Only New Zealand tertiary education institutions can nominate. Students and graduates can’t self-nominate.

Selection Criteria: 

We are looking for students who –

  • Maintain academic excellence in their course work.
  • Maintain a positive attitude towards learning and willingly take on
    feedback to improve their learning in all of their papers.
  • Have demonstrated leadership and/or community engagement throughout the academic year. Leadership and community engagement may include, but is not limited to, active participation in the university’s leadership programmes, buddy or mentoring programmes, or other types of service that positively contribute to the wider community. Particular emphasis is placed on activities related to people in a facilities or property environment. Examples could include leading a charitable initiative for homelessness or volunteering to upgrade the quality of a school’s buildings or environment.

This document provides further information on criteria for nomination.

Application Form
Scholarship Recipient

Kamal Mcentee Amziane
Massey University

With the support of the Foundation, Kamal is pursuing a career in facilities management and studying for a Graduate Diploma in Facilities Management through Massey University.

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The first recipient of a re-energised FMANZ Foundation scholarship, Kamal impressed Foundation trustees with his drive to overcome childhood adversity and his passion for the facilities management industry. He displayed ambition and energy, alongside clear enthusiasm and affection towards facilities management in his application and in his presentation to the trustees.

“Despite the adversity I have faced throughout my life I always remain focused on my goals. For example, achieving strong results throughout school and university was very important to me. I have learned to persevere and how to adapt to my surroundings using my personal adversity to motivate myself to succeed,” Kamal said.

“Facilities management is such a large field and there is so much room for growth within the industry. I love that you can be creative and innovative in the way that you manage facilities in order to improve building efficiency by reducing energy consumption, improving sustainability and cutting costs,” he continued.

Kamal has already achieved a Bachelor of Property degree from the University of Auckland, and will continue his academic journey at Massey University, studying for a Graduate Diploma in Facilities Management. His last academic year showed a host of A-grades.

Scholarship Recipient

Yatin Bhandari, AUT

The FMANZ Foundation awarded a one-off scholarship to Yatin Bhandari, a Building Engineering student at AUT, in recognition of his effort and achievements during the year.



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In nominating Yatin, AUT Professor John Tookey described him as a hardworking and committed individual who is really buying into a future in facilities management. “He is proactive about getting involved in the discussion around the future of the industry and I have no doubt that in the future Yatin will make an excellent career in the FM sector and be a credit to the industry.”

Research Grant Recipient

Massey University

With support from the FMANZ Foundation, Massey University’s School of Built Environment undertook research into the performance of office buildings. The aim of the research was to promote user wellbeing in office design as a contributing factor to worker productivity and organisational performance.


Student Award Winner

Alice Campbell,
Lincoln University

Alice was in her fourth and final year of a Bachelor of Land and Property Management at Lincoln University when she was granted the Foundation’s inaugural Student Award.

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As well as achieving academically, Alice served as a student representative for the Faculty of Land and Property Management at Lincoln and acted as an informal tutor to other students. She also volunteered to participate in the Careers Expo, encouraging high school students to study for a property-based degree at university.

Research Grant Recipient

Andy Walmsley,
Massey University

As a doctoral student at Massey University, Wellington, Andy spent three years working on a wide range of research projects to improve the mental health of men in the construction industry. Andy received the Foundation’s inaugural research grant to help fund this research.

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Andy previously worked on the BRANZ suicide within construction report, which explored risk and protective factors among 300 coronial files of men who had committed suicide. For his Ph.D. on suicide prevention within the construction industry, Andy collected data from 800 men from a wide range of construction-related roles.

Purpose & Objectives of the Foundation

  • To be the leading incubator of diverse, excellent talent in Aotearoa.
  • To advance education by providing scholarships, prizes or grants for academic achievement and encouraging, supporting and developing programmes for continued educational development within or associated with facilities services and management.
  • To provide a resource for sharing of facilities-related information and to encourage and support research and the interpretation and dissemination of results to the public.
  • To provide a forum accessible to the public for the development of individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding in facilities-related areas.
  • To promote public health by supporting and educating the public on improved health within buildings and protection and safety of human life within the built environment.
  • To protect the environment by promoting and encouraging projects for sustainable building management and use.

FMANZ Foundation Trustees:

Richard Wilson CFMANZ (Chair)
Jonathan Jepson FFMANZ
Bruce Kenning CFFMANZ
Simi Mukherjee CFMANZ
Steve Paulson
Henry Arundel

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