Branch Committees

Representing members in their region, branch committees are a conduit for ideas and comment to the Board. They work with the management team to plan and organise regional activities and help recruit new members through local initiatives. Being involved in a committee is a great way to network, build relationships and enhance your skills.

Auckland Branch (Northern Region)

Hannah Welsby (Chair)
Henry Arundel
Kenneth Kim
Stewart Hinks
Ben Hosking
David Lochery
Vera Judzewitsch
Steve Paulson
Steve Simpson
Gemma Seddon
Sam Pohiva, Paul Huggins & Agnes McCormack (Board Liaisons)

Waikato/BOP Branch (Northern Region)

Marie Robinson (Chair)
Jeff Lukin
Delwyn Miles
Neelam Brown
Samantha Rowley
Ross Willetts
Ross Brunton (Board Liaison)

Wellington Branch (Central Region)

Jack Thompson (Chair)
Dan Isaac
Amanda Collinson
Karen Hayward
Dee Ives
Drew Crowhurst
Vanessa Powell (Board Liaison)

Manawatu Branch (Central Region)

Mark Wing (Chair)
Paul Compton
Amanda Gray
Tim Dempsey
Harriet Jackson
Sarah Hall
Paul Carlsson
Ross Brunton (Board Liaison)

Canterbury Branch (Southern Region)

Stuart Graham (Chair)
Paul Bonini
John Coll
Sonia-Ingrid Anderson
Mark Westbury
David Thomas
Tim Jackson
Jo-Anne Scobie
Anthony Van Meer (Board Liaison)

Otago Branch (Southern Region)

Craig Paterson (Chair)
Paul Clough
Martine Cashell-Smith
Chris Patchett
Annie Robinson
Maria Sleeman
Trudi Sunitsch
Richard Wilson (Board Liaison)

Board Committees

Board-appointed committees bring together members’ skills and knowledge to improve outcomes for members, stakeholders and sponsors. Committee Terms of Reference can be found here.

Education Committee

Advises on matters of member education so that FM education and professionalism in New Zealand is enhanced and fit for purpose.

Rory Chacko
Ross Brunton
Wayne Abel
Gillian Wess (ex-officio)

Research Committee (ad hoc)

Undertakes research to support and advance advocacy and educational programmes.

Anthony Van Meer (Chair)
Gillian Wess (ex-officio)

Summit Committee

Organises the annual FM Summit, the peak event on our annual calendar.

Gillian Wess (Chair)
Sonia-Ingrid Anderson
Jonathan Jepson
Tracy Massam
Kendra Wallace
John Hutchings
Drew Crowhurst
Sara Carbery
Marjolein de Graaf

Maintenance & Service Standards Committee

Establishes and drafts sets of principles for the maintenance of various building systems and the servicing of building operational needs in order to represent and promote industry good practice. See here.

Warren Smith
Gillian Wess (ex-officio)

Risk Committee

Manages the risk management framework, and reviews our activities against the framework.

Richard Wilson (Chair)
Agnes McCormack
Paul Huggins

Awards Committee

Processes all award applications and recommends appropriate honours and awards.

John Hutchings (Chair)
Graham Bottom
Agnes McCormack
Vanessa Powell
Amanda Collinson
Jonathan Jepson
Sam Pohiva
Gillian Wess (ex-officio)

Audit Committee

Provides assurance on financial performance.

Regan Simpson (Chair)
Ross Brunton
Anthony Van Meer

Advocacy Committee

Advises the Board on advocacy objectives, which include raising the public profile of FM, improving understanding of the role of the FM professional, and improving the profile of FMANZ.

Paul Huggins
Richard Wilson
Anthony Van Meer
Gillian Wess (ex officio)