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When the Economy is Blustery, FMs Bring the Backbone

By July 4, 2023No Comments

When the economy is blustery, facilities managers bring the backbone

Facilities managers are always important. We keep key infrastructure operating optimally. We’re the people who make sure the indoor air millions of New Zealanders breathe everyday is fresh and healthy. We ensure buildings use energy efficiently, keeping operating costs down, and cutting carbon pollution.

And now, as New Zealand dips into a recession, facilities managers become even more important, the silent heroines and heroes.

When the economy is blustery, facilities managers bring the backbone, bolstering businesses across Aotearoa.

Good facilities management creates a solid foundation upon which our economy, our businesses and our people can ride out a recession.

Well run, well maintained, clean and safe buildings, from factories to offices, provide the right environment for companies to operate efficiently and effectively, and for a productive workforce.

Facilities management professionals can also help businesses to cut operating costs, a lifeline during times of financial turmoil. They can identify areas where wastage happens, scrutinise energy consumption, and minimise repair and maintenance expenses, all the while maximising operational processes. This can enable businesses to free up resources, to remain resilient and agile.

Investing in facilities management will do much to help organisations reduce costs, maintain productivity, and repel a recession.

And the benefits can reach beyond individual organisations, and positively impact wider communities in Aotearoa. Well-maintained facilities, such as schools, hospitals, and transport hubs contribute to the overall well-being of New Zealanders. They create communities in which people can thrive, even in challenging times.

Good facilities management is the cornerstone of organisational, business, and community stability. Never more so than in a time of economic uncertainty.