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Members can enjoy unlimited access to our expanding knowledge base of industry information in a variety of formats, including papers, presentations, contract forms and research reports. Log in via the member portal to access more resources.


These documents guide and shape FMANZ’s solid and robust governance structure.

FMANZ Constitution

Our constitution defines the purpose, management, administration and membership of FMANZ.

FMANZ Code Of Ethics & Speak Up Policies

Good ethics based on strong values is essential to the growth of the FM profession.

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Our industry is relatively new but growing rapidly in size and importance. As more professionals join our ranks, we are keen to build greater respect among stakeholders, making each of us champions for our overall professional, business and ethical success.

This is why in 2022 we introduced a new Code of Ethics for FMANZ. Building on our previous Code, this new document contains a set of revised values into which a broad set of responsibilities have been woven.

As we move ahead we will undoubtedly face ethical dilemmas – where discretion and critical thinking using an ethics lens will be needed. Asking ourselves how our decision or action measures up against this Code will be invaluable.


The governing rules by which we operate.

FMANZ Board Charter

Our board charter contains guidance and policies relevant to the effective and efficient governance of FMANZ.

FMANZ Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy outlines how we gather, use, and manage data.

FMANZ Partnerships

FMANZ has built valuable relationships with a number of strategic partners in New Zealand and around the world.


Meet the elected board members who guide and shape FMANZ’s policies and direction.

Foundation Deeds of Trust

The deeds of FMANZ’s charitable trust, the FMANZ Foundation.

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2025

Two-page summary of FMANZ’s second Strategic Plan, which sets out our direction of travel for the period 2020-2025 and identifies our key strategic objectives. Members can view the full Strategic Plan in the member only resource section.


A number of research reports help us better understand the facilities management industry in Aotearoa and around the world.

The Facilities Management Industry Census

Jointly funded by FMANZ and the BRANZ Building Research Levy, the Facilities Management Industry Census 2018 canvassed 255 people working in the industry.

2018 Download

Defining the FM Market Research Report

This 2016 thesis by Astrid Bruursema from Hanze University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands sought to define the FM market in New Zealand.

2016 Download

Global FM Market Report 2018

A snapshot of the international facilities management industry in 2018.

2018 Download

Building Blocks of FM

This 2014 thesis by Herma Schutte from Hanze University of Applied Sciences in The Netherlands sought to offer guidance on the professional and educational development of FM in New Zealand.

Research Report Advisory Report

Media Coverage

Media releases, articles and interviews are an important part of what we do to raise the profile of the FM industry in NZ. Below are a few examples of media releases we have sent out and articles published about facilities management and FMANZ.


We have a number of membership categories, each with their own benefits, eligibility requirements and application forms.

Membership Information

What are the benefits for each category and what qualifications and experience do you need to apply?

Membership Benefits Eligibility Requirements

Certified Membership Assessment

What you need to apply for Certified membership, the pinnacle of FM professionalism in NZ.

Certified Member Assessment Guidelines Certified Member Assessment Form

Membership Application

Interested in becoming a member? Check what your membership options are.

Membership Options