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Our continuing professional development (CPD) programme is your pathway to professionalism. It supports your career advancement, expands your skillset and provides recognition for your qualifications and experience.

What Is It & Who Should Take Part?

Our annual CPD programme is a tailored programme of learning aligned to the 13 core skills identified in our professional competency framework. Members accrue CPD points for a variety of activities, including seminars, webinars, FM Summit, workshops, professional reading, mentoring and tertiary study. One CPD point is equivalent to approximately one hour of learning. (See below for more details.) You can keep an eye on points accrued at any time by logging in to the online member portal.

While participation in the CPD programme isn’t mandatory, we encourage all members who want to advance their careers and keep their skills current to aim for a minimum of 20 CPD points per year. 

  • Certified members (CFMANZ) – your status and benefits are dependent on you attaining a minimum of 20 CPD points per year.
  • If you’re an Affiliate, Associate (AFMANZ) or Member (MFMANZ) who wants to progress to a higher membership level, you should be seen to be actively participating in the programme.

Our Responsibilities

  • FMANZ is committed to delivering a CPD programme that is robust and varied, and meets the needs of our members at different levels. We strive to be innovative while ensuring we’re competently addressing core FM competencies as outlined in our professional competency framework.
  • We will keep a tally of points accrued through attendance of FMANZ events, and our professional development manager will assess and allocate points for any non-FMANZ activities submitted for consideration.

Your Responsibilities

  • Select from a range of CPD activities throughout the year to total a minimum of 20 points.
  • Register for these events and ensure you attend.
  • Provide evidence of attendance at non-FMANZ events through the online member portal.

Accrual of Points – How it Works

  • Once you’ve participated in an FMANZ CPD activity, we will verify your attendance and allocate points earned. You don’t need to do anything.
  • If the activity isn’t run by FMANZ, you will need to submit evidence of participation via the online member portal for approval. Evidence should include confirmation of attendance, duration, provider, and the professional competency(ies) to which the activity relates.
  • Points will be applied pro-rata where members have been active for less than 12 months of a financial year (1 April – 31 March).
  • To encourage participation in different types of CPD activity, no more than five points will be allocated per activity, excluding FM Summit and accredited FM tertiary papers.
  • If you earn more than 20 points in 12 months, we will carry over a maximum of five points to the following year.
  • You can check on your points and CPD status by logging in to the member portal.

CPD Activities

CPD activities include a combination of the following:

  • FM Summit (1 day – 5 points; 2 days – 10 points)
  • FMANZ National Breakfast Seminar Series – 1 point
  • FMANZ Branch After 5 educational event – 1 point
  • FMANZ Pathways Workshop (1/2 day – 3 points/ 1 day – 5 points)
  • FMANZ webinar – 1 point
  • FM quiz night – 1 point
  • Participation in the FMANZ mentorship programme – 1 point per hour
  • Non-FMANZ training and conference* – 5 points
  • Non-FMANZ seminar or workshop* – 4 points
  • Professional reading* – 1 point
  • Accredited FM tertiary papers** – 15 points
  • Non-FMANZ webinar* – 1 point

*Professional development activities outside FMANZ must be seen to be within an FM’s scope of practice in order to be considered for CPD points. Look for activities that align with our professional competency framework.
** Participation in an FM paper will earn a maximum of 15 points per paper per year.

See how easy it is to accrue CPD points.

Professional Reading

We have put together a list of recommended articles, blogs and books but other readings will be considered.

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