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Our Own Government Minister – Manifesto Outlines Why This is Needed

By September 29, 2023November 9th, 2023No Comments

Attendees at our biggest-ever FM Summit heard a glittering range of presentations all pointing towards one conclusion: facilities managers are providing solutions for the most important issues facing us.

Collectively, we’re responsible for keeping the air we breathe when indoors safe and healthy, helping to prevent sicknesses spreading. We help drive down operating costs by running places efficiently, and we optimise the use of energy, helping to reduce climate pollution.

Besides tackling the big issues, new research presented at the Summit showed that our industry is making a multi-billion dollar contribution to the economy, and supporting tens of thousands of New Zealand jobs.

Yet despite the economic impact of our industry, the solutions we can provide for a better, healthier, more resilient Aotearoa, often fall through the gaps at the highest level of government. That’s why we’re calling for the next government to create a new cabinet level portfolio for a minister of the built environment. (Read the letter we sent to the incoming Prime Minister Christopher Luxon.)

We’ve created a snappy, succinct document outlining the reasons for this call, showing the importance of our industry. Have a read of it right here, and please feel free to mention it to colleagues, share on your social media, or even use it in a presentation or two.

Warmly welcomed by Summit attendees, the new ministerial role would be different by focusing exclusively on making the most of our existing buildings – rather than building new ones. It could, for instance, take the reins on vital projects such as improving and mandating levels of indoor air quality, which could have great health impacts, ensuring urban areas play a part in a predator-free Aotearoa, increase the longevity of assets saving billions of dollars, and driving energy efficiency deep into our built environment – slashing bills and carbon pollution.

Facilities managers are the solution to the big issues – and, with the right support, stand ready to help millions of people in Aotearoa.