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Membership Fee Increase Announced

By March 24, 2021 No Comments

As a result of the impact of the pandemic on its finances, FMANZ last week announced an increase in membership fees.  From 1 April the Individual membership fee will increase by $25 per year from $200 to $225 plus GST. The annual Corporate membership fee will increase by $100 from $1000 to $1100 plus GST.

“Even with this small increase, our fees remain very competitive and good value for money in relation to other professional membership associations,” said CEO Gillian Wess.

“We are reaching the end of a financial year that had considerable impacts on our Association and members. On the upside, the pandemic drew positive attention to the important role of facilities managers in keeping our buildings operational and our people healthy, safe, and productive.  Through our advocacy measures and participation in industry forums, particularly the New Zealand Construction Industry Council, there is greater awareness of FMs’ vital responsibilities as custodians of the built environment,” she said.

“Our responses to COVID also brought about greater connection and knowledge sharing between our members, and we were able to continue with the full delivery of the year’s operational business plan even while we were in lockdown. We also achieved some notable successes, such as the launch of the  Massey University qualifications.

“However, the pandemic also impacted our finances. FMANZ’s income is generated through three income streams: the annual FM Summit, membership fees, and sponsorship. The cancellation of the 2020 FM Summit had significant financial impacts and has reduced the financial reserves built up over the last 10 years.  We are counting on a successful FM Summit this year to help boost our financial position, but in order to further secure our future finances, the Board has approved a small membership fee increase.”

Looking ahead to 2022 the Board also agreed to explore the introduction of a tiered Corporate membership structure to reflect the number of Corporate Staff members that have access to membership services and benefits.

Example 1
National Breakfast Seminar (x2)2
Branch After 5 Educational Event (x2)2
FM Summit10
Non FMANZ Seminar or Workshop4


Example 2
National Breakfast Seminar (x4)4
Branch After 5 Educational Event (x4)4
Pathways Workshop5
Webinar (x4)4
FMANZ Quiz Night1
Professional Reading (x2)2
Example 3
National Breakfast Seminar (x1)1
Accredited FM tertiary paper (x1)15
Non-FMANZ Seminar or Workshop4