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2023 Careers & Salary Survey

Shedding light on critical areas such as recruitment and retention, this 16-page report explores what employers look for when hiring for a senior role, what motivates FMs to change jobs, how much you can expect to be paid and much more.


2018 Career Survey

This 2018 survey of our members provides a snapshot of what employees and employers are looking for, why people change jobs, what is more important than money, how much FMs earn and lots of other interesting things.


FMA Trends & Insights

This report explores a number of areas critical to the current and future state of FM in Australia and New Zealand. It gauges the perceptions of those engaged in FM activities, including the practitioners who deliver services, the purchasers who procure services, and the suppliers who support the industry.


Reference Documents

Scientific Report

FMA’s Good Practice Guide on Energy Management

This guide can be used by facilities managers and building occupants to assess their energy management outcomes, develop and implement energy management strategies and projects, and assess the cost and benefits of energy management initiatives.


Mandating Indoor Air Quality for Public Buildings

Given that the majority of us in NZ spend more than 90% of our time indoors, it’s astonishing there’s still no compulsory indoor air quality standards for our public spaces. We’re not alone – despite decades of research, most countries still don’t have legislated indoor air quality (IAQ) performance standards for public spaces to address concentration levels of indoor air pollutants. A group of 40 international scientists are collectively bringing the issue to the fore with the publication of their ‘Mandating Indoor Air Quality for Public Buildings’ paper, published in Science Journal. They propose IAQ standards be mandatory for public spaces and criticise the lack of many building codes that address operation, maintenance, and retrofitting, stating that most don’t focus on airbourne disease transmission.

We’ve managed to secure access to the paper, with 50 free clicks. Once these are activated you may choose to purchase a copy directly from the Science Journal.


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