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The content we had lined up for this year’s Summit was too topical to hold over to 2021, so we’ve embraced our ‘Big Shift’ Summit theme and re-packaged a selection of key presentations into a new format – and introduced some fresh new topics and speakers.

Scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month – June to November – the FM Summit Speaker Series will examine the seismic shifts taking place in the world – around sustainability, mental health, cybersecurity, and new ways of working – and explore the important contribution facilities managers can make as custodians of the built environment. You can jump online at the convenient time of 8am to view these seminars live and take part in the Q&A, or watch them at a later date if that works better.

Cost: We know things are tight financially for many organisations at the moment so we’ve endeavoured to keep costs as low as possible to facilitate attendance. If you’re a member you’ll pay just $30 + GST per seminar. This rate is available to all individual and corporate staff members. Note: You need to be logged in to the member portal to take advantage of member rates when registering.

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Bryon Price, Chairman, FMA &
Ivan Fernandez, Frost & Sullivan

Date: Tuesday 30 June 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

A Whole New Track: Reimagining the Future of FM

As Michelle Obama put it when asked about getting her life back on track after her time in the White House: “It’s a whole new track. It’s just all different and it’s different forever. So it’s not getting back on track, it’s creating my next track.” If you’re wondering what the ‘next track’ is for FM,  join Bryon Price and Ivan Fernandez for an insightful look at what the future holds for our industry.



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Bryon Price, Chair, Facility Management Association of Australia (FMA)

Bryon Price is a professional engineer with long and notable experience in building services. He is the Strategic Development Director for the A.G. Coombs Group of Companies.
Bryon is Chair of the Board of the Facility Management Association of Australia and Chair of the FMA’s Knowledge and Advocacy Portfolio Groups. He is a long-standing member of the Board of the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air conditioning and Heating – AIRAH, and a member of the Board of Australian Refrigeration and Building Services – ARBS. He is a Co-Chair of The International WELL Building Institute Task Force on COVID-19 and Other Respiratory Infections.

Ivan Fernandez, Industry Director, Frost & Sullivan

For over 20 years Ivan has been tracking market and technology trends across diverse fields, including smart urban infrastructure technologies, buildings and facilities management, energy and environmental technologies, process control and automation, and mining and manufacturing. Currently Industry Director at Frost & Sullivan, a global research and consulting firm, Ivan’s consulting experience has included market opportunity assessments, end-user analysis, technical and management due diligence, and competitive analysis.

Dr Rachel Morrison, Auckland University of Technology

Date: Tuesday 28 July 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

Where We Work: Adapting the Physical Environment of Work in a Post-Pandemic World

In this session, Associate Professor Rachel Morrison will present aspects of her research into the physical environment of work, drawing on both academic literature and her own associations with two large NZ organisations as they pivot towards a more flexible use of space.  With worker well-being as a central theme, she will explore both challenges and opportunities in how and where people will work and collaborate, and how necessary changes might be managed effectively in organisations. Register for this session here.

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Dr Rachel Morrison, Associate Professor, Auckland University of Technology

Dr Rachel Morrison is an Associate Professor within the Faculty of Business, Economics and Law at the Auckland University of Technology (AUT). Rachel’s primary research area is the way the physical work environment impacts employee well-being and productivity, with a particular focus on interpersonal relationships and collaboration at work. Rachel has an interest in optimising the use of shared workspaces and those with unassigned seating while raising awareness of potential adverse outcomes for workers. She examines both the positive (cooperative/friendly/supportive) and negative (distracting/hostile) aspects of co-worker interactions. Rachel has published articles in a variety of academic Management and Psychology journals including Applied Ergonomics, Sex Roles, and the Journal of Management & Organization. In addition, she has also contributed to several books as either author, co-author or co-editor, including editing two research volumes on organisational relationships; Friends and Enemies in Organizations: A work Psychology Perspective and Relationships in Organizations: A work Psychology Perspective.

Click below for two-minute reads of Rachel’s research relating to the physical environment of work.
Goodbye to the crowded office: how coronavirus will change the way we work together
How women’s life-long experiences of being judged by their appearance affect how they feel in open-plan offices
Get out of my face! We’re more antisocial in a shared office space

Andy Walmsley, Massey University

Date: Tuesday 25 August 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

The Right Tool for the Job: Strategies to Improve Mental Health in the Workplace

Massey University doctoral student Andy Walmsley explores the state of mental health in New Zealand and looks at strategies for improving mental health in the workplace. He offers advice on how we can tell if someone is struggling, and what we can do to help them. Andy also explores how we can overcome the stigma associated with seeking help for mental health issues, and outlines how we can use team meetings to promote a positive mental health work culture. While Andy’s research has focused on men, this presentation is geared towards providing managers and workers  – of all genders – with the skills and knowledge to take action. Register for this session here.

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Andy Walmsley

Andy has experience conducting applied research within the construction industry. He previously worked on the BRANZ Suicide within Construction report, which explored risk and protective factors among 300 coronial files of men who had committed suicide. Andy is currently completing his PhD on suicide prevention within the construction industry and has collected data from 800 men from a wide range of construction-related roles. He has spent the past three years researching the topic, and has worked on a range of research projects to improve men’s wellbeing within the work environment. To help with his research, he received a research grant from the FMANZ Foundation in 2019. Andy also works within the mental health sector, as a clinical psychology intern at Taranaki Hospital.

Tracy Massam, Tāmaki Regeneration Company & Jack Crutzen, Prisma Facilities Management

Date: Tuesday 29 September 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

Why is Asset Management Such a Simple Concept, But So Difficult to Deliver?

Jack Crutzen from Prisma Facilities Management presents some high-level principles of asset management, while speaker and asset management professional Tracy Massam takes a look at good asset management in action at Tāmaki Regeneration Company. “Value derived through the use of an asset to achieve the desired outcomes for our tenants” is a key driver for change and improvement for Tāmaki Regeneration Company (TRC), says Tracy. She will explain why it’s important to follow, update and improve your asset management system, discuss how TRC developed and implemented asset and facilities management strategies, and share TRC’s vision for the delivery of technical and customer levels of service through data and information management approaches, and tools for decision making and prioritisation. Register for this session here.

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Tracy will also offer insight into:

  • Increasing your awareness of how, where and when AM and FM connect
  • Enhancing your ability to develop tools for decision making and prioritisation
  • Operationalising strategies and tactics from a service delivery (people) and asset (housing) perspective
  • The impact of change and value of collaboration in procurement
  • Identifying opportunities to improve both your organisational and personal AM and FM capability

Tracy Massam, Tāmaki Regeneration Company

Tracy is Asset Manager for the Tāmaki Regeneration Company, helping to ensure the people of Tāmaki have an awesome place to live, work and raise a family. She has spent seven years in risk, asset and facilities management for Auckland Council, and 10 years with the Ministry of Education in senior advisory roles. Tracy has a wealth of asset management planning knowledge and is experienced in establishing and maintaining asset management systems to ensure the desired level of service is reached in the most cost-effective manner, for present and future users. Alongside her work, Tracy is on the board of the NZ chapter of the Asset Management Council, and is on the board of COMET Auckland – Te Hononga Akoranga.

Jack Crutzen, Director, Prisma Facilities Management

Bio to come.

Dr Lee Bint, NZDF & Timothy Howarth, Beca

Date: Tuesday 27 October 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

Moving Towards a Sustainable Future

Looking for inspiration on how to move your organisation down a more sustainable path?  Join Dr Lee Bint, Sustainability Manager for the New Zealand Defence Force, and Timothy Howarth, Building Services Engineer at Beca, as they share a range of sustainable case studies and real-life examples. Lee will present on NZDF’s sustainability framework (Tuku Iho) while Timothy focuses on CarboNZero buildings and Beca’s recent experience assisting a range of clients to achieve low carbon buildings. Register for this session here.

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In Defence of Sustainability – Lee and her team are tasked with implementing a sustainability framework (Tuku Iho) for theNZDF estate. Their goal? A fit-for-purpose and sustainable estate that enables the delivery of Defence outputs. During this interactive workshop Lee will share some of the tools and methods used, talk us through the journey so far, and share key learnings. “I’ll take a look at where we want to be, where we are heading and how we are getting there with all of the moving parts – whole-of-life, policy, resilience, climate change, energy, water, waste, transport, FM, AM, design, delivery, and so on,” says Lee. “Also, the groundwork of organisation development that needs to happen in consultation phases to make implementation possible.”

Zeroing in on CarboNZero Buildings – The demand in New Zealand for high performance, low carbon buildings is in a rapid growth phase. While designing for energy efficiency has been prevalent in the building industry for some time, achieving zero carbon buildings requires an increased focus on actual operational stage performance and avoidance of on-site fossil fuel combustion in existing buildings. Timothy’s presentation focuses on Beca’s recent experience assisting a range of clients to achieve low carbon buildings. He will summarise several project case studies and drill down into the specifics of each project, the various energy efficiency and carbon displacement strategies adopted, and the key findings and resulting performance outcomes. Timothy will also provide an overview of the minimum evidence requirements to demonstrate NZGBC CarboNZero certification and the practical measures FMs can start adopting to align with the standard.

Dr Lee Bint, Sustainability Manager, NZDF

When she joined the New Zealand Defence Force’s Defence Estate and Infrastructure Group as Sustainability Manager in 2017, Lee was tasked with developing a sustainability framework (Tuku Iho), and is now in the process of implementing this. Before joining NZDF, Lee spent six years at BRANZ as a Sustainable Building Scientist, and two years on the Sustainable Business Council board as their Future Leader.

Timothy Howarth, Building Services Engineer, Beca

Bio to come.

David Eaton, Datacom

Date: Tuesday 24 November 2020
Time: 8.00am – 9.00am

Cybersecurity – How to Stay Safe in a Rapidly Changing World

How aware are you of the cyber risks to your business? Do you know how to keep your business safe from cyber-attack? Are you aware that your business can pose a cyber risk to your clients? Join cybersecurity expert David Eaton as he takes a look at ‘supply chain risk’ – the risk posed to an organisation by suppliers who have a degree of trusted access to facilities and IT systems. “Increasingly, boards are being asked to shoulder accountability for the overall cybersecurity posture of their organisation with the understanding that this includes suppliers,” says David. “This awareness will flow to the boards of supplier organisations and needs to be factored into their costs of service.” And with the Internet of Things (IoT) increasingly becoming commonplace, David will offer advice on how FMs can keep critical systems, such as building management systems, safe from cyber-attack. Register for this session here.

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David Eaton, Associate Director, Cybersecurity Services, Datacom Ltd.

David is passionate about helping businesses develop a better cybersecurity and risk posture in a challenging and rapidly changing landscape. In his current role as Associate Director Cybersecurity at Datacom, David is responsible for Datacom’s cybersecurity services across Australia and New Zealand, involving advisory services and cybersecurity operations. He is a Member of the NZ Computer (Cyber) Emergency Response Team (CERT) Advisory Board, and Chair of the NZ Ministerial Cyber Capability Taskforce, formed as part of the New Zealand cyber strategy to create education pathways into the cybersecurity profession in New Zealand.


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Embracing the ‘Big Shift’ theme of this year’s Summit, we have re-packaged a selection of key presentations into a new format and introduced some fresh new topics and speakers.

Scheduled for the last Tuesday of the month (June to November), at the convenient time of 8am, the FM Summit Speaker Series examines the seismic shifts taking place in the world – around sustainability, mental health, cybersecurity and new ways of working – and explores the important contribution facilities managers can make as custodians of the built environment.

Attendees can view live, and take part in the Q&A, or watch at a later date if that suits them better. This convenience and accessibility – teamed with our affordable registration fees – is sure to be a hit with facilities managers seeking to understand and thrive in the brave new world we find ourselves in.
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