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August 2018                                                                                                     Latest news, events & interviews.

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Letter from CEO, Gillian Wess

Kia ora koutou,

The mid-year has seen a host of branch activity, with Quiz nights in Welington and Christchurch (next week), networking functions in Tauranga and Dunedin, and an educational After 5 in Wellington.

These popular gatherings of members and sponsors come just ahead of our next series of National Breakfast Seminars in September when the topic will be on Public Private Partnership from an FM Perspective. During this month FMANZ will also have strong visibility at the Facilities Integrate trade show in Auckland. And then of course we hold our Annual General Meeting on 18 October.

As our membership continues to grow – currently at 541 individual members, 76 corporate members and 213 corporate member staff members - these regular events consolidate the benefits of our professional Association and provide great opportunities for members to network, share knowledge and develop career pathways.

We are also experiencing the benefits of the Association’s expanding networks as we partner and grow connections with the wider building and property industry. By partnering with FMANZ to conduct a nationwide census of facilities management, BRANZ has recognised the value and influence of FM on building quality issues and shares our interest in gaining a greater understanding of New Zealand FM trends and insights. We look forward to seeing the results of the research report which will be published around late October.

There is an important new document for you to view on the website. Thanks to the hard work of FMANZ’s Maintenance and Service Standards Committee, the Fire Services Contract Template is now available for downloading. And next week, our Business Plan for the 2018-2019 financial year will be published and available for members on the website.

And having recently welcomed Argus Fire Protection as FMANZ’s new Corporate Platinum Sponsor, we now extend a further warm welcome to Peter King and the team at United Cleaning Services who have become a Corporate Diamond Sponsor.

We have another full issue of FMANZ and FM information from across the world for you to read, absorb and enjoy, and look forward, as always, to greeting you at FMANZ’s forthcoming events and gatherings.

Nga mihi nui,

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Members' Corner

Things to Note

A warm welcome to Peter King and the team at United Cleaning Services who have come onboard as a Diamond Sponsor. Established around the same time as the construction of the Auckland Harbour Bridge (and the launch of television in New Zealand), United Cleaning Services have formed enduring relationships with many of our members (See testimonials here.) Find out more about their services here

Have you taken part in the important industry census emailed recently to all our members? If not, click here to begin. We have partnered with BRANZ to conduct a nationwide census of the Facilities Management industry and are seeking the perspective of FM practitioners, their clients and suppliers of goods and services. The census will provide us with a snapshot of current trends and insights, which will create a greater understanding of the industry. The survey should take 10-15 minutes, and all responses will be treated as confidential. If you want more information or advice regarding the survey, please email Nick Brunsdon at 
All participants can choose to enter the draw to win an Apple iPad. 


There is an important new document for you to view on the website. Prepared by FMANZ’s Maintenance and Service Standards Committee, the Fire Services Contract Template is now available to download. Thank you to Ian Bitcheno, Chris Brebner, Bryce Donaldson, Ron Green, Jason Happy (Chair), Ed Kidd, Chris Mak, Andrew Riley, Mark Sinclair and Warren Smith for creating this. For further information, please email 


logo-linkedin-873FOLLOW US ON LINKEDIN!
Check out our new Company Page on LinkedIn. Follow us and share our posts with your LinkedIn networks! This page is a way for us to spread the word about FMANZ and to share news about FMANZ events, job opportunities, goings on in the industry, behind the scenes photos, and links to blog posts. 

Keep the evening of Thursday 18 October free for our AGM. We will be in touch with more details soon.



Our wonderful Administration Manager, Sascha, is heading to Europe for six weeks at the beginning of September. We have two part-time contractors filling in for her while she's away - Briar Fowler and Sian Dittmar. We appreciate your understanding if it takes a little longer for us to respond to your membership. accounts and event inquiries while Sascha is away. 


A big vote of appreciation and acknowledgement to John Gallagher for his long-standing commitment to FMANZ and the Wellington branch. John recently stepped down after 10 years on the Wellington committee, five as Branch Chair.


FMANZ’s membership continues to grow. Welcome to our newest members: Kevin Shannon from KiwiRail, Keegan Fulford Wierzbicki from Weta Digital, Laura Finnigan from FMG, Chris Hargest from NZ Government, Gail Peckham, Nassma Mouharb, David Thomas and Rose Jury from Order of St John, Elizabeth (Liz) Sheppard from NZ Police, Louise Balkham from JLL, Guy Baker from Otakaro Limited, Carrie Guthrie from Wellington City Council, Stephen Palfrey from Access All Areas Project Management, Richard Lipscombe from Cushman & Wakefield, Warwick Houlgrave from Ports of Auckland Limited, Nadia Collie from Robert Walters and Chris Teague from Zespri. Welcome also to our newest corporate members: Spark, Programmed Facility Management, Pioneer Energy, Hampton Jones Property Consultants and PAE (New Zealand) Limited. To find out more about becoming a member, please click here.


If you're looking for a new challenge, don't forget to check out the Job Centre on our website. Currently advertising: Dunedin City Council are seeking an Asset and Facilities Management Team Leader - Property Services, and Fisher & Paykel Healthcare have three positions to fill! They're looking for a Facilities Manager to join their team in Auckland, a Maintenance Manager and a Services Manager. Read more about these positions here. And if you want to target FM professionals directly via our website and social media pages, advertise with us! Email for more information or click here


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FMANZ Events

What's Happening Around The Country



FMANZ Tauranga - After-5 Networking event (June 2018)
Kindly sponsored by Aotea Electric

Presentation - Non-structural seismic restraints (July 2018)
FMANZ Wellington
Kindly sponsored by BECA

FMANZ Dunedin - After-5 Networking event (9th August)
Kindly sponsored by ALSCO

Kindly sponsored by RESENE PAINTS
Congratulations to the winners - “Industrious Dishwashers” from Industrious Property! (Pictured below.)

quiz winners-461 


Kindly sponsored by Commercial Door Services
Thursday 22 August
click here >>

FMANZ will be at Facilities Integrate 25+26 September, ASB Showgrounds - Come and see us at Stand H34!
Once again this year, the September FMANZ National Breakfast Seminar in Auckland will be held at Facilities Integrate, on Wednesday 26 September. Following the breakfast seminar, Facilities Integrate will be open for you to attend. Register online to attend Facilities Integrate for free to avoid the $25 gate fee.

FMANZ National Breakfast Series - September 2018 
Paul Huggins, Director of Facilities Management at Cushman & Wakefield NZ, will talk about Public Private Partnership, a model whereby private enterprises can work with governments in order to provide benefit to the public. The idea is that, by sharing the burden and spreading the risk, both parties will feel more encouraged to invest in projects which both would pass up when working alone. This benefit can come in the form of an asset, for example a sports stadium, railway or a service, such as a new prison, school or hospital.

What sets these contracts apart from others is that they often stipulate that the private entity will be paid on a performance basis or fixed price basis with heavy performance criteria. Because of this, the private entity takes on more of the risk, however the measure is designed to ensure that private firms cannot receive large amounts of public funds if they do not perform to a high standard. It is this aspect that makes the public private partnership politically viable.

During the presentation we will discuss:

Early contractor involvement in design
Implications of design on operational costs
Performance regimes
How full lifecycle models work
Changes and engagement
The engagement processes with constructors and clients in a PPP contract

Starting with a light breakfast buffet and time to meet with your fellow FMers, we then kick off the presentation which will take approximately one hour.

Waikato / BOP - Friday 7 September - 7:30am
Dunedin - Thursday 13 September - 7:30am
Christchurch - Friday 14 September - 7:30am
Wellington - Friday 21 September - 7:00am
Auckland - Wednesday 26 September - 8:30am (at Facilities Integrate)

For more information and/or to register, click here. 


2018 HVAC&R Trade Exhibition and Industry Conference. Thu 16 August 9:00am - Fri 17 August 5:00pm. Rotorua. Click here >>

Free BIM AK event, Thursday 23 August. 
Click here >>

Energy Management for Facilities Managers Training (provided by EMANZ). Wellington. Thu 6 + Fri 7 September. Click here >>

Remember to check out our Events Calendar!                                                                                 


Messsage from Meridian

One Machine Does It All

Meridian -816-549
If you are contemplating replacing office machines, look for energy efficient options or perhaps one that can perform multiple tasks i.e. a new printer can eliminate the need for a separate scanner, printer and copier. You can also check the manufacturer’s website on how to maximise any energy saving functions. Whilst these may cost more upfront, the savings over their lifetime will more than cover it.

To find out how Meridian can help your business, contact 0800 496 444.


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Soapbox - An Op/Ed Column for Members

Tender to Win

One of the best things about being a bid writer is helping a client win that ‘game-changing’ contract. What is even better is watching them grow off the back of that win, providing more people with jobs and the market with more options, say Heather Murray and Christina Low, senior consultants with Plan A – Tender Specialists. Here they share some tips for tendering to win.

At FM Summit 2018, Property Council Chief Executive Connal Townsend highlighted that property is the biggest contributor to the New Zealand economy. With this comes an endless requirement for facilities management and maintenance services – which means endless opportunities for SMEs. To win this work, all you need to do is get the best bid in the box. For many companies, though, this is easier said than done. Unfortunately, many SMEs are reluctant to bid. There are a number of reasons why – ranging from the belief that tendering is only for the ‘big guys’, to being daunted by the process or simply under-resourced.

Bidding is not as hard as you think. It’s about understanding the process, finding the right opportunity, resourcing appropriately and appreciating the risks. Here are some helpful tips:

It’s all in the planning
The bid team you assemble is critical to success. Appoint a bid lead who has a clear vision of what the final document should look like no matter how small the contract. This person must maintain a strategic overview of the price and non-price workstreams, drawing on their detailed understanding of the client, their drivers and risks. Most importantly, your bid lead must ensure their team has a shared understanding of your win strategy – underpinned by clearly defined win themes and differentiators that set you apart from competitors.

Ask why
Before you put pen to paper, go through each question. Particularly the gnarly ones (although it’s tempting, don’t avoid them!) Ask:
Why did the client ask this question?
What does the ideal answer look like? Can we provide it?
If not, what can we provide? How do we make it believable?
As a rule, each page should have at least (and we do mean at the very least) three to five compelling reasons why you are the best – and only – choice.

Executive Summary
The Executive Summary is ‘prime real estate’, and will likely be the first thing the evaluator reads. It is essentially a sales pitch – demonstrating you understand your client’s risks and needs and have the right solution to meet them. Focus on your client. We cannot stress this enough! Make sure that the first 20% of the Executive Summary is about their risks, concerns and drivers. Go on to identify your client’s critical success factors and link these to your win themes. Every feature you present in the Executive Summary should have evidence to back it up and most importantly, clear benefits which add value for your client.

Relevant Experience
Even if it’s not asked for, explain the relevance. Create clear links between your example and the contract you are tendering for. This requires some thought. A cut and paste approach will only get you average scores. Thoughtfully written answers, tailored to the exact bid questions, will score more highly. Again, provide evidence of your capability and highlight the benefits and value your approach will add. Be really specific – this is something which evaluators really appreciate. For example, instead of:
Acme brings the right mix of experience to deliver this services on time and to specification for Springfield City Council.
Springfield City Council will benefit from Acme’s experience in delivering environmentally-friendly cleaning services in busy operational sites.

Relevant Skills
For larger bids, start with a Roles and Responsibilities workshop to determine what skills and attributes the ideal candidate for each role must have, what areas of risk they will focus on and how will they work with the rest of your team. Then look at your nominated team and assess how they stack up against this list. Sometimes this results in a more suitable person being selected. At the very least it provides direction for a detailed interview where you can tease out specifics and link their skills and experience to the role. Never underestimate the importance of a good CV. Yes, they are read by evaluators! A poor CV is task-focused where a mundane set of generic skills and experience is rattled off. A great CV is focused on achievements and is linked to your win themes and your client’s risks. For example, if accurate asset data collection is a key risk, touch on that across all CVs.

Your methodology must be risk-focused; not a set of tasks that resembles a manual. This section must demonstrate you have a complete understanding of your client’s risks and objectives. Involving your writer from the get-go is key. From the initial strategy session through to methodology workshops, it’s essential your writer is embedded into the process. Submitting a list of bullet points will result in the type of task-focused methodologies which evaluators dread, however it is a starting point. Once you have your process locked down (which is hopefully packed with value-add and innovation), bring your writer and subject matter experts together so the risks can be interwoven into the tasks, evidenced and the benefits clearly explained.

Plan right to the finish line
You have a completed document in your hands – ready to go. What could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, there are a number of potential pitfalls. At this stage it is too late for senior management review. If they don’t agree with the content, you have a tender hurtling towards a crash. Involve them early – from getting their buy-in to win themes early on, through to regular reviews at key points in the bid programme. An often overlooked trick is to schedule time in their diaries and make sure you have a document in front of them to look at. Never assume they will find the time!
It's important to have a back-up plan for printing and/or uploading. Check half way through the process the tabs you have printed still reflect the document structure. Often a reshuffle of the document results in chaos on printing day.
Stick to your internal deadlines. Demand meaningful review. Focus on the benefits. Get specific. And most importantly … ask yourself “what would the end-client see/say if they were the proverbial fly on the wall?”

Happy bidding!

Christina Law-921Heather Murray-938Heather Murray and Christina Low are senior consultants with Plan A – Tender Specialists. Calm under pressure, and highly skilled at producing winning tenders, they work with
clients across all sectors.
For further resources on winning tenders, visit




If you have something you want to share with fellow members, email Sara at



FM Snippets

News From NZ & Around the World


women in construction-845Celebrating women in construction 
Women are making their mark on New Zealand’s construction sector with 39 finalists in the fourth annual Hays NAWIC Excellence Awards reflecting the outstanding contribution being made by women across the industry. The awards, which will be held at the Auckland Town Hall tonight (Friday 17th August), celebrate the achievements of women in construction along with honouring organisations which are actively working to redress the industry’s gender imbalance. Find out who the finalists are here.

Government supports whole of life approach
Hear what Minister of Building and Construction Jenny Salesa has to say about whole of life approach
and other matters after her meeting last week with Ministers and industry leaders. 

fire exit-809Can You Lock Your Fire Exit Doors?
We all know you can’t lock an exit door but in the realities of retail spaces, security verses egress is real. We also know we have to help occupants get out safely but what about those who are onsite illegally? Rosemary Killip (one of the NAWIC finalists for Professional Businesswoman of the Year!) takes a look at a recent determination by MBIE in her blog here, or you can read the full determination here.

The importance of passive fire compliance
Staying with fire safety, many commercial buildings around New Zealand are putting lives and property at risk because they don’t comply with fire safety standards,  says John Lucas from the Insurance Council (NZIC). John became aware of this problem from insurers doing risk surveys and is leading an international seminar this month to highlight the issues and work on solutions.Read more here, or for details on the Passive Fire Compliance Seminar being held on 24 August, click here

Online register for H&S professionals launched
New Zealand’s first national, online register of verified workplace health and safety professionals has opened for business. The HASANZ Register of Workplace Health and Safety Professionals (HASANZ Register) was officially launched in Wellington by WorkSafe New Zealand Chief Executive Nicole Rosie. The HASANZ Register provides a one-stop-shop for businesses to find reliable, quality health and safety advice and services. Read more here.

WorkSafe-Logo-2-239WorkSafe launches video series
Staying with WorkSafe, have you seen their new series of videos called Insights with Chief Executive Nicole Rosie and business leaders from across the country? In the first video, Nicole talks with Peter Chrisp, Chief Executive of NZ Trade and Enterprise, who is passionate about New Zealand, its future, and health and safety. "I want this series to broaden thinking on health and safety beyond the 'compliance' aspect" says Nicole. They’ll be releasing a new video every couple of months. Coming soon are videos with Wellington lawyer and diversity advocate Mai Chen, Governor of the Reserve Bank Adrian Orr, and CTU President Richard Wagstaff. Take a look at the first video here.

Overview of the construction industry
The Minister of Building and Construction Jenny Salesa launched the 6th Annual National Construction Pipeline Report last month. This year’s forecast indicates a smoothing of the boom-bust cycle, providing more certainty and confidence to support sector transformation. A copy of the full report, and a companion summary guide, are available on the MBIE website.

emergency-408Managing buildings in an emergency
And staying with MBIE, they have also published a handy guide to managing buildings in emergencies. Managing buildings in an emergency describes the roles and responsibilities of central and local government and other agencies for managing buildings in an emergency using the 4Rs framework – Readiness, Response, Recovery and Reduction. It explains what is required and provides detailed steps and checklists to help territorial authorities plan for, and carry out, rapid building assessments. Read more here.

ITA: Read all about it!

If you were interested in what Chelydra Percy, CE of BRANZ, had to say about the Industry Transformation Agenda at the FM Summit, you can read the latest ITA newsletter (and subscribe) here.


EECA funding available

Looking to save money on energy? Up to $250,000 of funding is available for businesses looking to install underused technology that will reduce energy-related carbon emissions in process heat. EECA Business could cover up to 40% of your project costs. "Fonterra and Synlait were the first recipients of this funding for large-scale innovative boiler technology - taking the first step in reducing industry reliance on fossil fuels and lowering their carbon emissions,” according to Dinesh Chand, EECA’s Technology Innovation Manager. Read more about the scheme here.

WGBW-288Word Green Building Week in September
World Green Building Week is coming up next month, starting on 24 September. During that week, the NZGBC are planning loads of events, including their popular Green Rooms in Christchurch on Tuesday 25 September, in Auckland on Wednesday 26 September, and in Wellington on Thursday 27 September. Plus they’ve got Waikato Green Speak in Hamilton on Thursday 27 September. Find out more about World Green Building Week here, and go to the NZGBC website to find out about their events.

That’s a wrap 
From cutting out coffee cups to creating all-new supply chain solutions, the pressure is on FMs to play their part in addressing our catastrophic consumable culture by putting disposable plastic in the workplace under the microscope. Read here about some of the firms calling time on the all-too convenient material.

plastic-bag-iceberg-726Making sense of plastics
Speaking of plastics, leading industry figures and academics have backed the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment’s call for the government to clear up the confusion around environmentally-friendly plastics. Commissioner Simon Upton has released an online resource to help concerned consumers tackle the complexities of the issue, but he says the government needs to “step in and assume greater responsibility. There are all sorts of supposedly environmentally-friendly plastics coming onto the market, but it is extremely difficult for consumers to make sense of their respective claims,” Upton observes. His comments were echoed by Paul Evans, Chief Executive, Waste Management Institute New Zealand. “There is significant confusion among retailers and consumers around terminology where words like biodegradable, degradable and compostable are used interchangeably but they actually mean very different things. Many consumers have purchased bags thinking they’ve bought something compostable only to find out it’s actually degradable – so sorting out these terms is actually very important.” Find out more here.

BIFMBIFM no more
Just in case you haven’t heard … The vote on BIFM’s proposed name change to The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management has taken place, with members voting in favour of the proposal, 75 per cent to 25 per cent. The result follows four months of campaigning by senior BIFM representatives to promote its ‘manifesto for change’, which was announced on 1st March. Publication of the manifesto led to an energetic debate among FMs, touching on the very identity of the profession and its practitioners. Read more here.

Hot trends in FM
Staying in the UK, the Facilities Show took place in London recently. Here’s FM World’s ‘hot take’ on the topics and trends that could affect your future operational and procurement decisions.

social-221Socially responsible FM
FM companies are increasingly being asked by clients to deliver social value as part of their contractual performance, according to a BIFM report about social value and procurement. It states that FM companies also “have their own genuine desire to operate as modern, socially conscious businesses”. Read more here.

What SMEs need to grow
SMEs could fall behind if their office space is not geared up for the next stages of growth, according to research by Crown Workspace in the UK. A survey conducted with 500 SME business leaders from across Britain found that although they know what they need from their office space for the next stage of growth, they require support in their pursuit of this. The findings go on to identify the barriers preventing firms from obtaining the optimum workspace – and what business leaders are least willing to compromise to get it. Read more here.

workplace-324FM core business
Businesses must break down traditional silos within IT and HR to facilities, for a more “streamlined workplace experience which supports employee productivity”, says a report backed by Interserve. “The old idea that FM and the workplace were ‘non-core’ is demonstrably not true anymore. Designed and managed correctly the workplace provides the environment in which creativity and performance must flourish. The science tells us what we need to do to achieve those conditions and that is encapsulated in this leading research.” Read the full story here or read the report here

outsourcing-663What’s in store for outsourcing?
Will FM service outsourcing be increasingly focused on specialist services while cleaning and other more directly client-facing activities are brought in-house? That’s the theme of this month’s FM World Think Tank. It’s currently top of mind because the University of London, which has seen high-profile conflict with unions in recent months, intends to ensure outsourced contracts for as-yet unspecified specialist services while at the same time working with trade unions and contractors to change its contract model and take FM staff into the university. Read more here.

The many and varied roles of FMs 
Thanks to FM of the Year Phoenix Lavin for reintroducing us to Martin Pickard’s/ FM Guru’s "What FM's Do" MindMap. This is an evolving piece of work is updated as the FM role evolves. You can email them here for a hi-res version.

Chill out
Feeling stressed? Frustrated with your job? Try this quick relaxation exercise you can do at your desk.

distillery-538In good spirits
Architecture Now has rounded up 12 examples of distillery architecture that stand out from the crowd. From a traditional, stone-clad form deep in New Zealand's South Island to the northern edge of Scotland where a distillery roof creates a rolling hillside, it would seem that buildings dedicated to the manufacturing of wine, beer and spirits come in all shapes and sizes and in almost every country around the world. Check the top dozen buildings out here. And to keep up to date with building projects in NZ, sign up for Architecture Now’s free newsletter here.

If you come across any interesting snippets you think your FM colleagues would be interested in, please email them to Sara at 


A Day in the Life Of ... Brigid Parry, PFMANZ


Meet Brigid Parry, FMANZ's newest Professional Member. Brigid is the Facilities & Procurement Manager for AIA New Zealand, working as part of a team of five. Before joining the insurance company in August last year, she was FM for Penguin Random House for 15 years. Having satisfied the Board she has a level of experience, knowledge and skill sufficient to be awarded professional accreditation, Brigid can use the post-nominal PFMANZ. (To find out more about Professional Membership and Fellowships, click here.)

Brigid Parry-172What does your job involve?
The job entails all things facilities; portfolio management, reactive and preventative maintenance, business continuity planning, security management, disaster recovery, front of house provisioning and the procurement of third party services. Compliance is always front of mind as is cost effectiveness. We also take into consideration the business’s strategic planning and work to ensure the built environment is future proofed to accommodate the expectations of those strategies.

What does ‘facilities management’ mean to you?
Providing a safe, healthy, compliant and sustainable environment that allows our people to give their best every day.

What is a typical day like for you?
I love that there isn’t a typical day in FM. At the moment we are deeply involved in the integration of the AA and Sovereign businesses after AIA acquired Sovereign in the NZ market. We are currently managing the process to physically bring teams together in our multi-site operation, working on co-locating our people nationally, decommissioning/reinstating redundant office space, building relationships with new landlords, exiting leases, assigning and subletting others. Making sure our built spaces meet AA global policy requirements. All the while ensuring there is no decline in service level for our BAU processes.

What are some of the challenges of your job?
One of the greatest challenges we have to face are the ever-changing expectations of our people; but meeting those challenges also provides the most rewarding moments!

What’s the most interesting element of your job?
I really enjoy the provisioning of space to maximise the potential of the built environment for our people. Understanding the different needs of particular business units and developing bespoke plans for how they can best utilise their space and do their best work is both demanding but ultimately satisfying.

What are some of the things you like most about working in FM?
I particularly like that every day is different and that I get to see parts of the business that wouldn’t otherwise be accessible. I enjoy people and interacting with them to best understand their needs.

What are the most important skills you need as an FM professional?
Lateral thinking, empathy and resilience. There is very little opportunity be complacent in Facilities Management; versatility and flexibility is key. You need to be ready for anything and everything. Constantly scanning the horizon for global trends and checking in to understand how they could be utilised to meet the future needs of the business.

How did you get into facilities management?
My route to facilities management has been more an evolution than a determined career path. Over the years I have taken on different tasks to remain challenged and engaged. My CV is now pure facilities management and it is my current job description that most challenges and satisfies me.

Brigid Parry 2-804

What is the proudest accomplishment in your career to date?

Developing a team at AIA that is greater than the sum of its parts (pictured left; Brigid is in the middle). We each bring a particular skill-set that when combined makes us an incredibly experienced, agile and adept team.

What advice would you give to someone starting out in FM?
Experience is as important as theory. Every situation is a learning opportunity; if you listen to hear and not to respond you will absorb knowledge.

When you’re not at work, what do you enjoy doing?
I’m an avid reader and when time permits I enjoy painting and drawing.


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