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Membership Assessment

Congratulations to our Newest Assessed Members

By December 3, 2020No Comments

Congratulations to the following FM professionals who were approved into their new member categories at last week’s Board meeting. They can now start using their post-nominals as their badge of professionalism:

Paul Huggins, Certified – CFMANZ; Mathew Carter, Certified – CFMANZ; Greg Wilder, Member – MFMANZ; Paul Pugh, Member – MFMANZ; Sam Isaia, Member – MFMANZ; Reynaldo Samson, Member – MFMANZ; Peter Macdonald, Member – MFMANZ; Peter Fisher-Skipper, Member – MFMANZ; Peter Young, Member – MFMANZ; Trevor Robinson, Associate – AFMANZ; Kristin Reid, Associate – AFMANZ.

Click here to learn more about the various membership categories, and the level of skills, qualifications and experience needed to qualify.