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Congratulations to FMANZ’s Newest Professional Members

By October 18, 2021No Comments

Congratulations to the following facilities management professionals who were approved into their new professional membership categories at yesterday’s FMANZ Board meeting.

Members: Harnish Batavia MFMANZ; Muhammed Bolomopse MFMANZ; James Crawford MFMANZ; Sanjeev Goarav – (MFMANZ)Faried Jamodien (MFMANZ)John Langi MFMANZ; Emma Lovett (MFMANZ); Trevor Martin MFMANZ; Juliana Netzler – MFMANZ; Gareth Oliver MFMANZ; Kim Penton MFMANZ; Sam Pohiva MFMANZ; Harvey Roberts MFMANZ; Steve Simpson MFMANZ; and Scott Thomson MFMANZ.

Associate members: Kieran Lamberton AFMANZ and Suzette Oberholzer AFMANZ.

Their new post-nominal demonstrates to employers, clients and colleagues that they’re serious about their professional development, dedicated to industry best practices and committed to leading the FM profession.