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FMANZ is indebted to all the hard-working volunteers who sit on our committees and generously serve the association in other ways. Each year at our AGM we recognise those who have made the most valuable contribution to FMANZ by awarding them with a Service Award, Outstanding Service Award, Distinguished Service Award, Fellowship or Distinguished Fellowship.

Distinguished Fellowship

Our pinnacle honour is bestowed upon those whose unwavering commitment and dedication to the association leaves a lasting legacy.


Introduced in 2023, this award has not yet been gifted.


Integral to the success of FMANZ, our Fellows (FFMANZ) have gone above and beyond in their service and commitment to the association.


Kristine Bakker FFMANZ
John Braithwaite CFFMANZ
David Curry FFMANZ
Stephanie Forrest FFMANZ
John Gallagher FFMANZ
Stella Green FFMANZ
Jason Happy CFFMANZ
Viv Hardie FFMANZ
Jonathan Jepson FFMANZ
Bruce Kenning CFFMANZ
Peter Lord FFMANZ
Delwyn Miles FFMANZ
Val Moraes FFMANZ
Paul Rogers FFMANZ
Mark Sinclair CFFMANZ
Anthony Van Meer CFFMANZ
Kendra Wallace FFMANZ

Note: Our Certified Fellows (CFFMANZ) are Fellows who have achieved Certified Membership, the pinnacle of facilities management professionalism in New Zealand.

Distinguished Service Award

Presented to members who have made a distinguished service contribution to the association.


2020 – Anthony van Meer
2018 – Jack Crutzen

Outstanding Service Award

Presented to members who have made an outstanding service contribution to the association.


2023 – Paul Huggins, Richard Wilson
2020 – Stuart Bryant
2018 – David Curry, Anthony van Meer
2017 – Jack Crutzen

Service Award

Presented to members who have made a significant service contribution to the association.


2023 – Sonia-Ingrid Anderson, John Hutchings, Tracy Massam, Marie Robinson
2022 – Ross Brunton, Vanessa Powell
2021 – Rory Chacko, Paul Clough, Maree Le Comte, Richard Wilson
2018 – Veronika Harrison, Vince Morgan
2017 – Stephanie Forrest, Nick Ansley

Eligibility for service awards is determined via a points system overseen by the CEO and reviewed by the Board. Points are allocated for voluntary participaton at a national (eg Board) and branch (eg branch committee) level, and for other service contributions (eg representing FMANZ on an external working group).

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