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Wattyl Project Card


Wattyl is a Platinum sponsor of FMANZ.
The Wattyl Group is part of the Valspar Corporation, a global leader in the paint and coatings industry, with an annual global sales turnover of US$3.5 billion.  Wattyl proudly manufactures 95% of it's coatings sold in New Zealand at it's Avondale based site in Auckland, and distributes to the market through 25 specialised trade stores nationwide.

Services specific to FMANZ members include:

  • Written Project Specification
  • Tendering Services
  • Colour Consultancy
  • Contractor Liaison
  • FMANZ Project Card - 30% discount on paint & discounted accessories

To receive a Wattyl - FMANZ Project Card or to learn more about the other services click here

Website: www.wattyl.co.nz 

Click here to request your
FMANZ - Wattyl Project Card

Wattyl Interior Design
NZ Master Painters Award Winner!