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Papers & Presentations - 2016 & 2017


November 2017:
Breakfast Seminar 

Click here to download Wade Jenning's PowerPoint presentation on Augmented and Virtual Reality for Facilities Managers.


September 2017:
Breakfast Seminar

Click here to download Warren Smith's PowerPoint presentation on Passive Energy Buildings.


September 2016:
Breakfast Seminar
Passive Fire Protection and Building WoF Process - A View from the Coalface

Delwyn Miles and Grant McNeil
Delwyn Miles and Grant McNeil from Opus international Consultants present an informative and enlightening seminar about passive fire protection and the Building Warrant of Fitness process. 
What factors limit New Zealand Facilities Managers from adopting overseas strategies and how do we need to change?

(This presentation contains a video and is 80MB in total. Please email events@fmanz.org if you would prefer to receive the presentation without the video).  



June 2016:
Breakfast Seminar
Public Property
Challenges and Opportunities for FM in Government

David White
Director of the Government Property Group (formerly the Property Management Centre of Expertise)

David outlines the scope and scale of FM within government, and the operating frameworks, upcoming work streams, and challenges for FM in the government context.