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Individual Membership

Application For Individual Membership

“An ideal facilities manager must have Aristotle’s logic and Solomon’s wisdom, a priest’s discretion and a gambler’s poker face, a lawyer’s shrewdness and a marketing director’s charm, a gladiator’s guts, a marathon runner’s perseverance and a sprinter’s speed, a leatherneck’s toughness and a dancer’s agility, lots of good luck and 30 hours per day.” – UNKNOWN

membership photo-532In keeping with the objectives of FMANZ to promote professional Facilities Management practice, FMANZ has developed a framework that enables the professional competencies and qualifications of members to be recognised. In 2018, we embarked on an exciting new era of professionalism through the introduction of new membership categories that will provide the stepping stones for members to progress towards attainment of Certified Membership. The new categories and membership benefits have been tiered according to individual experience, skills and qualifications, from entry to senior level FM, and are: Affiliate, Associate, Member, and Certified Member.

When you apply to become an individual member, you will be asked to apply in one of these categories. 

There are also categories for Student and Retired members, with the title of Fellow awarded to members who have made a significant contribution to FMANZ. 


The annual fee for Individual Membership is $200 plus GST. Certified Membership costs $200 plus GST p.a. and there is a one-off application fee of $175 incl. GST. Student membership is $25 plus GST p.a.

Email membership@fmanz.org for more information.