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Individual Membership

Individual Membership

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Application form for Individual Membership NOTE: This is a form for NEW MEMBERS to complete. Our membership manager will be in touch with new members about applying for PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIP once you have completed this form. Existing members, please see here for information on Professional Membership/ New Member Categories. 

Once they have completed an application form to join the Association, new members are encouraged to apply for PROFESSIONAL MEMBERSHIPby choosing the membership category which best reflects their experience, skills and qualifications. 

Our membership categories provide the stepping stones for Facilities Managers to progress towards attainment of Certified Membership and have been tiered according to individual experience, skills and qualifications, from entry to senior level FM.

See here for more information about eligibility requirements for the various membership categories.

The professional membership categories are:  AFFILIATEASSOCIATE, MEMBER and CERTIFIED MEMBER. There are also categories for STUDENT and RETIRED members, with the title of FELLOW awarded to members who have made a significant contribution to FMANZ.

AFFILIATE membership is suitable for anyone who has an interest in facilities management, has just entered the industry, or is supplying goods and services to FM professionals. Previous experience in facilities management is not required, and no assessment is needed. If members choose not to apply for a membership category by the October 2019 AGM, they will automatically be assigned AFFILIATE membership.

For more information on Professional Membership, including FAQ, see here.


Associate Members, Members, and Certified Members are entitled to use a post-nominal in their email signatures, on their business cards, in their CV etc. This post-nominal is your badge of professionalism and we encourage you to use it wherever possible. It demonstrates a commitment to your career and the FM profession, and is a recognition of your skills, experience and qualifications.

They can also use the FMANZ logo on business correspondence and are eligible to vote at the AGM, to serve on Branch Committees, Board Committees and the Board, and to provide professional expertise and knowledge to FMANZ on request of the CEO or Board. Members and Certified Members can serve as mentors.

See here for the complete list of membership benefits and the accompanying post-nominals.


Certified membership is the highest level of professional membership offered by FMANZ and is the pinnacle of FM professionalism in New Zealand. Given the kudos of Certified membership, the application process is more involved than for other membership categories. Click here for more information.


The annual fee for all Individual Members, regardless of your membership category, is $200 plus GST. (Note: There is a one-off application fee of $175 incl. GST. for Certified membership.) Student membership is $25 plus GST p.a.

Email membership@fmanz.org for more information or download an application form here.