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Certified Membership

Certified Membership

Application For Certified Membership

"A Certified Member of the Association shall be an Individual member who has satisfied the Board of a level of knowledge, skill, experience and qualifications that are sufficient to award Certified membership based on the FMANZ  Professional Competency Framework."

About FMANZ Certified Membership: 
FMANZ has developed Certified membership to gain consistent recognition of the professionalism of facilities managers by the industry, by government bodies and the public. It has been developed against a background of international facilities management associations (with input from the CFM framework by IFMA) focused on professionals.  Employers and recruiters will be lobbied to recognise the professional status of FMANZ Certified membership.

What enables applicants to achieve Certified Membership? 
The Panel is the judge of the level of experience, knowledge and skill that is sufficient to award Certified membership. However, the following guidance is intended to enable applicants to assess their eligibility for Certified membership and then provide sufficient information for the Panel to consider in making its decision. 


  • A Panel assesses applications based on an applicants’ competencies, knowledge and skills that have been developed and applied through practical experience in FM roles. There are two related elements being assessed:
    Technical Competencies 
    Non-Technical Competencies

  • Relevant practical experience is demonstrated through qualifying experience set out in the application form, subject to further discussion between the applicant and the Panel at interview. 

  • Knowledge and skill are demonstrated through information and examples supplied by applicants when answering questions on the application form, subject to confirmation by referees and then discussion at interview. 

Market Sectors
This assessment has been developed to assess all facilities managers and their work. Facilities are defined as anything that facilitates production or activity. As such this framework needs to cover facilities in all market sectors including: commercial, retail, infrastructure, industrial and manufacturing, health, parks, marine, equipment etc.

The Application Process
Candidates for FMANZ Certified membership will prepare a written submission, responding to a selection of four questions from the nine sections of the FMANZ Professional Competency Framework (PCF). Once the written submission has been assessed as suitably competent, the candidate’s work will be reviewed and the candidate interviewed by two Certified members of FMANZ. The purpose of the interview is to determine if the candidate has actually gained the experience noted in the submission and to assess the candidate’s professionalism. 

Applicants should expect to be questioned on these submissions at interview. Applicants will also be expected to be generally familiar with the FMANZ Code of Ethics. 


The annual fee for Certified Membership costs $200 plus GST p.a. and there is a one-off application fee of $175 incl. GST. 

Email membership@fmanz.org for more information.