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Certified Membership

Certified Membership

Assessment Form for Certified Membership

Certified Membership is the highest level of professional membership offered by FMANZ and the pinnacle of FM professionalism in New Zealand.

Becoming a Certified Member demonstrates you have satisfied the FMANZ Board that you have a level of experience, knowledge and skill that qualifies you for accreditation based on the Professional Competency Framework.

Certified Members are entitled to use the post-nominal CFMANZ in their email signatures, on their business cards, in their CV etc. This post-nominal is your badge of professionalism and we encourage you to use it wherever possible. It demonstrates a commitment to your career and the FM profession, and is a recognition of your skills, experience and qualifications.

Certified Members can also use the FMANZ logo on business correspondence and are eligible to vote at the AGM, to serve on Branch Committees, Board Committees and the Board, to provide professional expertise and knowledge to FMANZ on request of the CEO or Board Members and to serve as mentors.

Given the kudos of Certified Membership, the application process is more involved than for other membership categories. You will need to prepare a written submission, responding to a selection of four questions from the nine sections of the Professional Competency Framework. Once your written submission has been assessed as competent, your work will be reviewed, and you will be interviewed by two Certified members of FMANZ.

The purpose of the interview is to determine whether you have gained the experience noted in the submission and to assess your professionalism.

Here is a link to the eligibility requirements for the various membership categories, including Certified Membership. Before embarking on your application, please check whether you satisfy the requirements for Certified Membership. Also have a read through of the Submission Guide contained in the Application Pack. This contains a lot of helpful information.

Here is a link to the benefits of Certified membership.

For more information on the Professional Competencies Framework, see here.

If you have any questions, please email assessment@fmanz.org. 

Click here for a list of current Certified Members.

The annual fee for Certified Membership costs $200 plus GST p.a. and there is a one-off application fee of $175 incl. GST.