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FM Foundation-69
The FMANZ Foundation
supports people involved with research and innovation in FM in New Zealand and provides awards to recognise excellence in tertiary study. It also provides assistance to those in significant hardship or need.

1. FMANZ Foundation Student of the Year & Graduate of the Year
Student awards are granted to recognise and encourage high academic achievement within the field of Facilities Management. These awards will be offered to one student and one graduate each calendar year, selected from nominations provided by New Zealand tertiary education institutions. (Students can't self-nominate.)
The inaugural award was presented at the FMANZ Summit Gala Awards Dinner in June, 2019.
Deadline for applications: TBA 2020.
To see the criteria for nomination for student awards, please click here.
To download a nomination form, click here. 

2. Research and Innovation Grants
The FMANZ Foundation invites applications from organisations and/or individuals who require funding to complete research that will benefit the FM industry in New Zealand; or who wish to use the funding to support a specific project that will bring innovation into the New Zealand FM industry. Trustees meet twice a year to consider grant applications, at the end of April and the end of September. Research and Innovation Grant applications are to be lodged on or before 31 March and 31 August, 2020. Upon receipt, all applications will be acknowledged, outlining the timing and process for consideration of the applications.

Research and Innovation Grants will be awarded at the FM Summit and at the FMANZ Annual General Meeting.


Research and Innovation Grants will generally NOT be given for the following:
Projects which are already complete
Projects which will not benefit the New Zealand FM industry
Projects of a non-specific nature
Projects where the funding would be redistributed to another person or organisation
Projects that conflict with the objects of the FMANZ Foundation’s Trust Deed.

Click here for an application form.

3. Hardship Grants
The FMANZ Foundation is concerned with the wellbeing of New Zealanders. Applicants may seek a grant to relieve poverty by providing relief by way of education or rehabilitation programmes to persons, or dependants of persons, who are or have been associated with facilities management and who are in need, aged or suffering genuine hardship due to physical or mental sickness, disability or incapacity.

Click here for an application form.

The Foundation is a charitable trust initiated by FMANZ to carry out its charitable purposes and objects within New Zealand. The Foundation is registered on the Charities Register (CC46296) and has been granted IRD Donee status.


Purpose & Objectives of the Foundation

The purpose and objectives of the FMANZ Foundation are to:

  • Advance education by providing scholarships, prizes or grants for academic achievement and encouraging, supporting and developing programmes for continued educational development within or associated with facilities services and management.

  • Provide a resource for sharing of facilities related information and to encourage and support research and the interpretation and dissemination of results to the public.

  • Provide a forum accessible to the public for the development of individual capabilities, competencies, skills and understanding in facilities related areas.

  • Promote public health by supporting and educating the public on improved health within buildings and protection and safety of human life within the built environment.

  • Protect the environment by promoting and encouraging projects for sustainable building management and use.  

FMANZ Foundation Trust Committee:


John Braithwaite (Chair)
Peter Harris
Veronika Harrison
Jonathan Jepson
Bruce Kenning

Questions? Please contact us at foundation@fmanz.org.