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BY-LAWS of the 


a.    Words and expressions employed in these Bylaws have the same meanings as those adopted in the Constitution of the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand Incorporated.
b.    In the event of any conflict between these Bylaws and the Constitution, the Constitution shall prevail.
c.    The Board of the Facilities Management Association of New Zealand Incorporated has adopted these Bylaws on 10th March 2010, and revisions as detailed, pursuant to Article 4.4.3 of the Constitution and these Bylaws are promulgated accordingly.
d.    A copy of the Constitution may be viewed and downloaded from the Association’s website or www.societies.govt.nz.

1.    Individual Membership

1.1.    All individual Members shall be admitted to the membership category appropriate to their level of qualifications and experience as determined by the Membership Categories approved by the Board in November 2017 and as assessed by the Board’s appointed membership assessors.
1.2.    The annual membership fee for an Individual Member, irrespective of category, is $200.00 plus GST. Any membership fee may be discounted for prompt payment by such percentage as the Board shall from time to time decide.
1.3.    All membership fees shall apply for a 12-month period and shall be renewable on the anniversary of the month of joining or advancing to a higher grade.
1.4.    A Certified Member of the Association shall be an Individual Member who has satisfied the Board of a level of experience, knowledge and skill that is sufficient to award accreditation based on the Professional Competency Framework published by the Board.
1.5.    Assessment shall be made by a panel appointed by the Board on receipt of an Application for Professional Competency Framework together with a non-refundable accreditation application fee of $175.00 inclusive of GST.
1.6.    Individual Members admitted to the grade of Certified Member shall be entitled to use the post nominal CFMANZ.
1.7.    The annual membership fee for a Certified Member shall be $200.00 inclusive of GST.
1.8.    Fellows of the Association shall be an individual who has held the class of Member for no fewer than 36 (thirty-six) months and has acquired the required level of service as determined by the FMANZ Awards Service Grading Points system.

2.    Corporate Membership

2.1.    Corporate Members may be admitted to membership pursuant to Article 5.3 of the Constitution.
2.2.    Corporate Members and their representatives, whether with voting rights or otherwise, on being admitted agree to abide by the Association Constitution, the Code of Ethics and these Bylaws in the same manner as individual members.
2.3.    Corporate membership fees shall be $1000.00 plus GST.
2.4.    Corporate Members shall be entitled to send up to two (2) representatives to each members-only event but each Corporate Member shall only have a single vote pursuant to Article 5.3 of the Constitution.
2.5.    Corporate Members may be listed but not endorsed on a public access area of the Association’s website.
2.6.    A Corporate Member shall cease to be a Member if:
a)    It enters into liquidation, whether compulsory or voluntary (save for the purpose of amalgamation or reconstruction);
b)    A receiver or receiver and manager is appointed to the Member or the whole or any part of its assets of undertaking; or the provisions of Clause 3 apply.

3.    Unpaid Membership Fees

3.1.    If the annual subscription of a Member remains unpaid for a period of two (2) calendar months after it becomes due then, at the discretion of the Board, the Member may be served written notice of default by the Administrator and, if the fees and/or arrears are not forthcoming within fourteen (14) days from the date of notification, the Member shall cease to be entitled to any of the rights or privileges of Membership.
3.2.    The Board may reinstate the Member on payment of all arrears, including any other fees and charges due, if the Board thinks fit to do so.
3.3.    In the event that a Member has not paid all arrears of annual subscriptions within the expiration of six (6) months following the date of notification, the Member will cease to be a Member of the Association and the Member’s name shall be removed from the Register of Members.

4.    Branches

4.1.    Establishment of Branches
4.1.1    The Board may create Branch organisations in any area and the Board shall decide the boundaries and Branch name for each Branch so created. No Branches may be created without prior approval of the Board.
4.1.2    A minimum of fifteen (15) financial Members of the Association shall be required to form a Branch and every Member of the Association resident within the boundaries specified shall be entitled to attend and vote at general meetings of that Branch.
4.1.3    A minimum of four (4) and a maximum of twelve (12) eligible Association Members must agree to serve as a Branch Committee for an initial period of two (2) years. Names, addresses and email addresses of each Branch Committee Member are required to be notified to the Board.
4.1.4    Each Branch Committee agrees to operate the Branch in accordance with these Bylaws, the Association Constitution and Code of Ethics and to adhere to the directions of the Board.
4.1.5    Any Branch may be closed by order of the Board.



4.2    Branch Chairperson and Committee
This and the following clauses will be revised to bring them into alignment with Board members' terms of service as in the Constitution.  The Branch Chairs have agreed to the changes at the last Branch Chairs' meeting, but because they are major changes it is prudent, although not constitutionally required, to take these to the 2019 AGM for members' approval. Once the 2019 AGM has confirmed the changes, the by-laws will be updated (March 2019).

4.2.1    Each Branch shall be managed by a Branch Committee chaired by a Chairperson who will report to the Board through a designated liaison member.
4.2.2    Each Branch Committee shall be elected at a Branch Annual General Meeting, which shall be held, in addition to any other meetings of the Branch, in every year at such time and at such place as the Branch Committee shall from time to time decide unless the Board instructs otherwise.
4.2.3    Each Branch Committee will elect a Chairperson and such other officers as are deemed necessary.
4.2.4    The business of a Branch Annual General Meeting shall be to receive and consider the report of the Branch Committee for the preceding year, to announce the results of the election of Members to the Branch Committee and to consider any other business relating to the activities of the Branch that may be raised at the Meeting.
4.2.5    No Member shall be prevented from holding office on the Branch Committee by reason of prior service except that no Branch Committee member shall be elected to the office of Chairperson for more than two (2) consecutive 12month terms and any Branch Committee Chairperson who has already served two (2) years by the time of the  Annual General Meeting shall immediately stand down. Such person will be eligible for re-election only after a further period of twelve (12) months.
4.2.6    No Member, Individual or Corporate, shall be able to serve on more than one (1) Branch Committee without the prior approval of the Board and no sub-branches shall be created by any Branch.
4.2.7    Any Board Member or Association officer is entitled to attend a meeting of any Branch.



4.3    Branch Objectives and Duties
4.3.1    Each Branch Committee is responsible for providing support to the Board within its area in furthering the objectives of the Association. It is not an autonomous body either administratively or financially and will support the Board by:
a)    Contributing towards the strategy and direction of the Association for the benefit of all Members by the provision of ideas, input and comment to the Board for their consideration.
b)    Contributing towards the effective servicing of Members within the Branch through listening to and understanding the needs of Members and monitoring the implementation of the Board’s strategy within the area, recommending activities or initiatives for the benefit of Members and recruiting new Members through local initiatives. It shall encourage Members to participate in Association activities for the enhancement of personal skills and qualifications.
4.3.2    Each Branch Committee shall formulate and submit to the Board for approval proposals for Branch networking activities and site visits including estimated costs, budget implications, frequency, timing and, where necessary, proposed sponsors for each event. No commitments shall be made until the Board has approved the proposal. Each Branch Committee will assist Association staff in the efficient implementation of both local and regional events.
4.3.3    Each Branch Committee will assist in the preparation of Branch budgets and ensure that no contractual agreement is signed which will financially bind the Association without prior Board approval. 



4.4    Branch Committee Meetings and Administration
4.4.1    Each Branch Committee shall meet no fewer than eight (8) times per annum and at such other times as the Branch Committee may from time to time determine. A Branch Committee may meet either in person or by collaborative electronic technology.
4.4.2    Vacancies occurring on a Branch Committee may be filled by an appointment by the remaining Members of the Branch Committee until elections are carried out at the next Branch Annual General Meeting.
4.4.3    Unless otherwise determined to the contrary by the Board, a quorum shall consist of four (4) Members of any Branch Committee. A resolution shall be taken to have been passed if approved by greater than one-half of the Members present and voting. No casting vote shall vest in the Chair and in the event of a tied vote the motion shall be deemed lost.
4.4.4    A representative on the Branch Committee shall take or cause to be taken brief Minutes of the proceedings of all meetings of the Branch Committee and of the names of those present. The Minutes of the meetings of each Branch Committee must be prepared within two (2) weeks of the meeting, approved by the Chairperson of the meeting and circulated to all Branch Committee Members.
4.4.5    Minutes of the meetings mush be confirmed and signed at the next subsequent meeting of each Branch Committee. The Minutes of any meeting signed by the Chairperson of the succeeding meeting shall be conclusive evidence of the transactions recorded in such Minutes. Copies of these Minutes must be provided to the Association Secretary as soon as practicable after their confirmation.
4.4.6    Each Branch Committee shall each year furnish to the Board a brief report on its activities during the previous year and any such other information as the Board may require. This report must be furnished within two (2) months of the close of the Financial Year.
4.4.7    There is no provision under the Constitution for a Branch to establish sub-committees. Each Branch Committee may establish working groups to assist with their responsibilities but these working groups can only refer back to the Branch Committee. There are no delegated powers, under the Constitution, granted to Branch Committees. 

4.5    Branches Approved by the Board
4.5.1    Wellington 
4.5.2    Christchurch 
4.5.3    Auckland 
4.5.4    Waikato/ Bay of Plenty
4.5.5    Dunedin 

5.0     Revisions

5.1     V2.1 By-law 3.1 amended from Three (3) to Two (2) calendar months by Board Meeting #27 11/11/2010 resolution 3.1.
5.2     V2.2 By-law 1.4 amended from pro-rata fees to a 12 monthly term renewable in the month of the anniversary of joining by Board Meeting 2011.10.05 resolution 2.1.
5.3     V2.3 By-law 1.2 amended to increase fees for Associate Members to $150.00 incl GST per annum by Board Meeting 2012.03.08 resolution 3.
5.4     V2.4 By-law 4.2.5 amended period of Branch Chair from maximum 3 consecutive years to maximum 2 consecutive years effective immediately by Board meeting 2012.03.08 resolution 10.
5.5     V3.0 By-law 5 added “Immediate Past Chair” definition and rights by Board meeting 2012.07.04 part resolution 3.
5.6     V3.1 By-law 1 subs 1.5 to 1.8 added to provide for Professional Member by Board meeting 2012-08-14 resolution 6.2.
5.7    V4.1 By-law 1.1 amended to include the classes of membership by AGM Meeting October 2018
5.8    V4.2 By-law 1.2 amended to include the costs of membership by AGM Meeting October 2018
5.9    V4.3 By-law 1.8 added to include Fellow criteria by AGM Meeting October 2018
5.10    V4.4 By-law 4.5.4 & 4.5.5 added include new branch areas by AGM Meeting October 2018
5.11    V4.5 By-laws 5.0, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 removed relating to Immediate Past Chair by AGM Meeting October 2018
5.12    V4.6 By-law Revision, amended to point 5 with change of point 5.11 by AGM Meeting October 2018


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