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Fellows & Certified Members


Fellowships (FFMANZ) are awarded by the Board to members who have contributed outstanding service to the organisation.


A Certified Member of the Association (CFMANZ) is an Individual Member who has satisfied the Board of a level of experience, knowledge, skill and qualifications that is sufficient to award accreditation based on the Professional Competency Framework published by the Board.  For more information and the application pack for Certified Membership, click here >>

Below are the Fellows and Certified Members of FMANZ:



Certified Members

  • Kristine Bakker FFMANZ

  • Graham Bottom CFMANZ

  • John Braithwaite FFMANZ

  • John Braithwaite CFMANZ

  • Stephanie Forrest FFMANZ

  • Stuart Bryant CFMANZ

  • John Gallagher FFMANZ

  • Jack Crutzen CFMANZ

  • Carol Gould FFMANZ

  • Stella Green CFMANZ

  • Stella Green FFMANZ

  • Jason Happy CFMANZ

  • Jason Happy FFMANZ

  • Veronika Harrison CFMANZ

  • Viv Hardie FFMANZ

  • Mike Heinemann CFMANZ

  • Jonathan Jepson FFMANZ

  • Mark Sinclair CFMANZ

  • Peter Lord FFMANZ

  • Bernard Trevor CFMANZ

  • Val Moraes FFMANZ

  • Brigid Parry CFMANZ

  • Paul Rogers FFMANZ


  • Mark Sinclair FFMANZ


  • Kendra Wallace FFMANZ