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Sustainable Building Management

FMANZ and NZGBC (the New Zealand Green Building Council) have developed a memorandum of understanding as follows:-


To form a cooperative and mutually beneficial partnership that creates value for both organisations’ operations and their respective membership, to develop a sustainable property industry and to drive the adoption of green building practices in Australia and New Zealand


  • That FMANZ and its advisors and consultants will work with the NZGBC in the development of a Green Star environmental rating tool for New Zealand;

  • Both parties agree to share information on changes and innovations to the rating tools on a regular basis;

  • Both parties will look to share international speakers when possible and participate in each other’s conferences;

  • Both parties will endeavor to create working groups around specific issues, such as promoting and recognizing efficient and effective building use, operation and management.

  • Both parties agree to share information and strategies on their respective programs, including but not limited to education, marketing, committees, advocacy, research and events;

  • Both parties agree to collaborate on strategies to dramatically reduce the impact of the built environment on global warming, including but not limited to partnerships and alliances with third parties, allied goals and joint actions; and

  • Both parties agree to secondments and or training of respective staff;

  • Both parties will look to create opportunities that add value to respective membership bases that adds value for it members, setting our organizations apart with unique opportunities that increase the desirability of membership.